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Fore for Forty: Mission Creek Celebrates Four Decades of Golfing in Kelowna

Mission Creek celebrates 40 years of great golfing in Kelowna.

Mission Creek celebrates 40 years of great golfing in Kelowna.

Golfing in Kelowna has come a long way, and we should know. With thousands of balls duffed and sunk, and just as many miles walked on our beautiful mid-length, 18-hole, par 61 Kelowna golf course, Mission Creek has a long history of serving both our members and visitors. We are proud to announce our 40th season is well underway. We look back at our history as we look to the future, irons and scorecards in hand!


The Back 40

Did you know that the site where Mission Creek Golf Course now sits was once a horse racetrack? In 1979, Ruth and Vic Welder purchased the land adjacent to Mission Creek Greenway and, with the help of their children, developed the property into a golf course. Along with the land, the Welders also bought an old mobile bank building that served as the original clubhouse. While Ruth ran the little restaurant and pro shop, Vic was responsible for the groundskeeping.


Keeping it in the Family

In the mid-1980s, the Welders’ son John and his then-wife Debbie bought into the business after Vic decided to retire. Ruth continued to run the restaurant (called Duffers) with the help of Debbie, while John and Debbie’s children, Evan and Danielle, collected the empty bottles and cans for recycling.

Today, Danielle and Evan operate Mission Creek, with Danielle in charge of the bookkeeping and Evan managing the grounds. Even the Welders' five great-grandchildren (with two on the way) are getting involved in the family business.

"I have one grandson who is doing the cans, and another who is doing the gardening.

As they get older, they'll wash the power carts and handle the greens keeping. The cycle continues,” says Debbie.


Changes Over the Years

Mission Creek has seen a few changes over the years. While we are continually making improvements to make the course more desirable for every level of player, the golf course had to be reconfigured some years back when a leased piece of land sold. The most recent change has been to the well-known Duffers Restaurant inside the clubhouse, which has been leased out and now operates as Chichino’s Italian Restaurant.


The Main Attraction

What hasn't changed is the excellent golfing environment at Mission Creek. Players love to walk amongst the cottonwoods and willows and see the turtles and birds in the ponds. This well-established landscape accommodates every golf skill level, with challenging water hazards and sand traps. The short gameplay allows people to finish a round in 3.5 hours at an affordable rate.


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Located at 1959 KLO Rd., Mission Creek Golf Course in Kelowna, BC is a third-generation family-constructed and maintained mid-length golf course that is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Contact us to book your tee time or for more information.